Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sylvia Park - Winter Fashion Premiere

DATE: Wednesday 20 April 2011
VIP SHOPPING: 6pm - 10pm
LIVE DRAW: 9.45pm

"Sylvia Park prides itself on bringing you the only International Fashion Show of the season and will bring you the latest trends on fashion and how you can look good and feel fabulous thiswinter."  LINK

We head out to Sylvia Park on our 88th month. A different way to celebrate our month together. And as usual, I can't wear heels or any platform that has inches and inches so opt for my overused-fave boots of all time. As we arrived the show already started and we are hmmmm 15mins late, I guess. Blame it to the grocery stuffs since before going to the show we need to do groceries first. :)

This is my ever first time, to take photos on a fashion show. Grrrr, the person in front of me is so tall that it was so hard to take photos of the models. I was not that tall if I could only wear my 4-inches boot that would be a great help and thus, I was tiptoeng all the time while capturing photos. The reason as well, why I have to crop my photos. huhuhu

Sylvia Park's VIP evening was a family affair. Who would have thought toodlers are into fashion as well as they were in the front row at a fashion event, or those teen-age girls sitting cross-legged on the floor at the end of the runway. But when New Zealand's largest retail destination, Sylvia Park, puts on a show you can guarantee something out of the ordinary.

Instead of traditional models, Sylvia Park opted for professional dancers, who strutted their stuff, break danced and turned flips for the Autumn styled outfits.

The finale, was a breathtaking Broadway number featuring outfits from evening wear retailers, the girls looking gorgeous their red dresses, and the men looking handsome in Barkers and March Richard's suits.

US on our 88th month at Sylvia Park Fashion Show. Happy 88th month bb!.mwahh

He bought my cookie monster. I might share it to you guys! It's so patutesi-cute!...