Friday, June 24, 2011

Kapatid's(Sissssy's) Wedding

Last June 18, again I shoot another Wedding. And for the first time, have a Prenuptial Project. The Couple is our very close friend in Aucks and we considered as one of our next of kin.

I'am their official photographer and I so enjoyed taking photos of the couple. Since, I am comfy with the basic of Photoshop I made their wedding invitation, the guest board and the misalette and some other stuffs for the wedding. A very busy week for me I may say. I love Weddings and Prenup sad to say, we forget about the Postnup for everyone were getting busy after the wedding. I was left in the church with the newlyweds and some of the bride's other friends. I was feeling a bit shy but still manage to took some photos. Ate Je and my handsome looking boyfie that day went back home to get the cake. The wedding was attended by close friends of the bride and the groom, the guest were just less than 25 guest. A small wedding indeed with big smiles from everyone who attended.

Here is my outfit on the wedding.

My handsome boyfie. mwahh
Dress from Valley Girl and Dotti Blazer from a  Thrift shop. :)
Photographer in action.
My New L.O.V.E (Volans Boots and Forever New Sock)
Accessories from DIVA.

The Wedding Invitation
This is the First Wedding Invitation I made, photos were taken by yours truly. 

Newlyweds together with The Family, The Second Sponsors and with the Friends. Yeah! you read it write we play most of the part. hehehe...

On another note: This is a must tell story. The boots I wore or I prefer it's a wedge. The Volans Wedge I wore on that day was from a Whakatane, New Zealand. It's 286km away from where I live. The first time I saw the boots I said to myself I need to get one of that. And I've been to 5 different branch of Number 1 Shoes, sad to say they only got 1 pair left and not even my size. I then ring, the main office of Number 1 Shoes and some 5 other branches around Auckland just to put my hands on the boots. After 3 days of calling other Number 1 branches finally, Whakatane branch have one pair left and of my size. I then, requested it to be shipped to St. Luke's Number 1 shoes branch as that is the next closest branch in our area. The, a week later I finally able to lay my hands on the volans boots and can't help but give a huge grin to my boyfie. :D whew!

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