Saturday, April 16, 2011

Purple Christmas

Again, late christmas for my blog. hehehe. Sorry for late upload, since I was coward to create a not-so-fashion-blog. But then again, I want to put into actions those things that I like and must have the will/need to purse it.

My ever first Christmas in New Zealand started with my cute kids size purple tulle which I bought at Pumpkin Patch, a kids store. hehehe

then, for pictures sake I wore my black hi-heel platform which I bought in Ayala last Sinulog 2009, it was for SALE. yay! But then, later on I change it back to black flat becaussseeee of my good-loooking leprechaun boyfie. *sorry boyfie*mwah

then, pair it with my ever comfy Esprit Blazer which I bought in a thrifted store. A good find!

Here goes again my cute boyfie.

To complete the get up, I accessorize it with my cross necklace and the WAGW belt.

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