Saturday, April 16, 2011

A very striped blue 'n white New Year

A stripe new year's eve for me.

This is very late I  know but I'm kinda in the mood to pursue this fashion blog (kuno) of mine. So here it goes, it started with 

a cute bow clip tied on my hair.

 then there goes my Stripe blue 'n white dress, which I noticed I have a lots of bluess and whitess on my closet.

then, the good-looking boyfie came along with his stripe Esprit shirt and the energy-don't-know-what-to-call-it-necklace.

plus, smilesss on our faces that brighten our evening. 

My cutesy adorb's bag from avon with my ever-loved belt from WAGW.

My Espradille which I bought from Rubi made my Striped New Year's Eve get up complete.

And photo-bombinngg all the way down......................

Oh I forgot again! Let's not forget my lovers-rat blue necklace, which BTW I forgot as well to wear during photo-bombing. 

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