Monday, April 18, 2011


This might be a lil bit late since I just recently updated my fashion blogs (chictopia and lookbook). I decided to post an entry "Wear Red Wear Hope" in support to what happen to ChristChurch and Japan. In fact, last March 4 was declared as National Red and Black Day in New Zealand. Everyone wear red and black to give support to ChristChurch Earthquake. And so I did, together with my bofie and other close friends.

After a month, a 7point something magnitude earthquake hit Japan plus the tsunami that killed thousands of people. 

A few hours ago, I was checking my gmail and received an update from Chictopia to wear red in support for Japan. It sits in my email for ages ago and I just happened to check them awhile ago. My bad! Thus, lead me to this post.

Let's pray for our safety and to the World.

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