Monday, April 18, 2011

I Heart Weddings

I so love weddings....that everytime I saw wedding onsite videos, pre 'n post nuptial pictorials/esessions that it made me want to marry sooner. teeheee and I want to be a Wedding Photographer someday for I want to capture the happiest day of any woman in love and happily getting married. *crossfingers

To speak about marriage, Me and the most handsome man, mybofie, attended a wedding last March 14. The woman was my so called big sister here in NZ. I just happened to sit beside her in the plane going to Auckland. From that moment on 'til now we clicked and became SISTERS. She considers me and mybofie her family... awww! how sweet!

Anyhow, this is what I wore on her special day. It was a small-guest wedding since, the guest are purely kin, and as what I said, we are her family thus we are invited. Yeeepeeey! And it happened to be my ever first photography project for I was the official Wedding Photographer. weeeee *mostly of the photos were not uploaded as she won't allow it, but some photos are on my FB account

 Cotton On Maxi Dress, Camera Necklace, White Bag, Avon Watch, Yellow Gladiator Sandal, Diva Cross Connector Ring