Sunday, August 25, 2013

BYS Long Life Lipstick Flirty Fuchsia Review

 This will be my first time to write a review of a product/cosmetic that I personally used. Its just it came into my mind to share the things that I use especially if I'm in love with the product.

Last Friday and yesterday, I use for the first time a BYS Lipstick. BYS stands for "Be Your Self" and an Australian cosmetic brand. They offer affordable and wide range of cosmetics for Eyes, Face, Lips, wide variety of oh so lovely colors for Nails and even for the body. Check it out for yourself here.
I admit that I'm a Revlon Lippie lover, however last week when we went to a mall I found this BYS cosmetics area just right next to Revlon and because I'm a lippe-lover I couldn't resist myself in getting a lippie not just one but two lippies from BYS and an eyeliner. One for me and the other lippie and the eyeliner is for my friend in the Philippines because I'm a thoughtful friend like that. hehehehe

One of the lippie that I got is Flirty Fuscia who would not be tempted with the name itself the other lippie is Sassy Salmon who would not fall in-love with the name of this lippies.

Let's talk first about the price. BYS products are cheap-ass, the lipstick range cost to $5 - $6 NZD. Good for students who can't afford high-end lipstick. :) A good find for under 10 dollar make up.

For under 10 dollar lipstick the packaging is okay, not a classy packaging the brand name it's just something printed on the container of the lipstick. It's just you get what you pay for an affordable lipstick. I like it though that the cap is clear for me to see the shade of lipstick.

This is the second day I used the lipstick so far it's okay. When putting a lipstick I'm always careful when removing the cap at times the lipstick touches the cap, so for this BYS Lippie one thing you have to keep in mind is be careful in removing the cap because I know it will touch the lipstick as you can see the lipstick pop-out from its container and if in your in a hurry to put the liptsick with this kind of packaging, good luck, your inviting a messy-lipstick-stain-that-stick-on-the-cap, :) in which I may say, a bit of not so convenient.

Components are written on the packaging. Yay! I have this thing on me that at times I read the label of any random products especially to foods being so curious on what I put on my face or eat that I sometimes think what the hell are these ingredients, and once I have the time I will look at the ingredients with the help of my ever-dearest best fiend Google and check on what it do in my body. :) I'm OC like that. hehehe

Here is how it looks: Bold bright fun color oh yeah! This was at 12 noon after my lunch, I forgot to take a photo before eating anything I didn't think to write a review before that.  And well, it kinda fade away after I eat my lunch or I just enjoyed and have a huge lunch that day since it's Friday love, for a not so expensive lipstick that should be fair enough. I have to put it in after eating and see how long it will last without eating. 

It's not dry on the lips and formula of the lipstick has a smooth consistency. It's unscented for a lipstick is okay for me because I'm not really fan of lip products that is scented especially those strong ones  it's like too much is going on with it.
Sorry for my chubby face. :D
 I like it how my lips kinda glow and this will look good on having that 3Dish feeling in the lips, like put this shade in your entire lips then in the middle part of your lips you kinda fade it away or put a soft-pinkish lip gloss, perfect I should give that a try one day and I can imagine myself wearing this lippie in my old-boring outfits lets say black and white outfits this will give your face a pop of color. And I can imagine as well summer outfits with this shade is LOVE.

After 4 hours before heading home this is how it looks like. I drink in between and still looks good.

An hour after before me and the boyfie headed to the gym. The color started to fade away but hey, it's been 5 hours already.

At 8PM at home before I removed my make up, this is after the gymn and the spa as well. 

In a nutshell:
  • last long up to almost 6 hours without eating
  • not dry on the lips
  • smooth consistency
  • love the shade
  • the packaging not so convenient as the lipstick might smudge in the cap
  • it's cheap
All in all, BYS Long Life Lipstick Flirty Fuchsia gives average judgement to its name long wear lipstick without eating though. It still fades away after eating but as what I mentioned earlier for a not so expensive lipstick like this its fair enough. For me, I'll definitely still use and buy BYS product, can't wait to try the nail polish they look so yummy! :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, what is written here is solely my honest opinion. :)

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