Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Dress

Today is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( Happy Birthday Mama Mary! thank you for everything! ) and for that I'm dressing up for Her. And what I'm wearing is not a dress it's just a maxi skirt with a top! Mix and Match anyone?

I opt for a girly with a twist outfit. The pleated maxi skirt is on a pretty girly side. Does anyone wants to know where I got it from? I have this skirt like ages ago, can't remember when I bought it and I bought it from a flea market for 20 NZD which is a good price, I still need to learn how to haggle though in flea markets as pretty sure I can bought it much lesser. :) But still I fall in love with this skirt. 

  I will wore this skirt whenever I wanna be girly thus today. Sometimes, it's kinda difficult to pull it off especially I'm like petite small lady, how I wish I have a models' leg it would not be difficult to wear anything. I paired the skirt with my Forever New lace top and taddannnn perfect!

The details of my top is so chic! You can check Forever New Store here

Because it's still a bit cold I grab my leather jacket and my black pumps which love at first sight for these babies, it was on sale and just couldn't get it off my hands.

And for the twist to complete my look I grab my neon blue with pink accents bag from Avon which I have it for quite a while now and to accentuate my hips I put on my WAGW belt.  

For obligatory selfie / vanity strikes:


May all our hearts’ desires come true.