Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blue Again

What could be more comfy in strolling around a museum and a garden in a knitted loose top, pink polka-dotted pocket short and an adidas sneakers. It's Perfect!!!

We went to Waikato Museum and Botanical Garden Hamilton last February and this is what I wore. The Perfect outfit, not too sexy but oh so comfy. Did you noticed how cute my short is especially the pockets??? it's pink and polka-dotted, need I say more? teheee

And about the title: can't think of any. lame-reason hehehehe You will see more shades of blue outfits sooner so please don't get mad at me for having more of those shades. I don't know why but it matches my color or I'm on my safe zone always. I'll try to experiment with my outfits sooner, color blocking maybe? oh nooooooo?!!! *winks 
Knitted Jumper.Glassons.Adidas Sneakers
Mandarin Slap Watch.Pink Polka Dotted Pocket Shorts.Jay-jay's
 I miss being a kid.

I'm not the only one whose a fan of the shades of blue. My handsome-looking boyfie is having more shades of blue in his wardrobe as well and it's already proven. See photos below. hehehhe

 And did you  noticed our slap watches? yeah, we do have same slap watch it's a gift from a friend, that's her pasalubong when she had a vacation in our beloved county Pinas. :)

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