Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to the man I love.

The man I love is celebrating his special day. And in connection with that, we need to find a get up for his special day and me thinking a dress that would compliment his style. 

A week before his birthday, I already found a striped polo shirt in Rodd and Gunn, however I didn't bought it as I need to asked him if he likes it. Then, the night before his birthday we went to Sylvia Park, I was thinking they have Rodd and Gunn branch. Unfortunately, they don't have one. Thus, I need to look for another polo shirt. We dropped by General Issue, Ambercrombie & Fitch store then I found what I'm looking for. A different color striped polo shirt that is perfect for this special day. I still do have second thought, coz I was thinking there is a Rodd and Gunn somewhere in the mall. The result, we head back to the store and bought it then. We also bought a hat from JeanWest and a Capri Short Pants from Factorie just opposite General Issue. Yay!

Just Jeans Hat. Striped Polo Ambercrombie & Fitch.

Factorie Capri Shorts. Lacoste Shoes.

For my get up, I was looking for a dress that compliment his color without having to wear the same tops or shoes. Since, the mall closes at 9PM and we almost finished at half past 8 and I'm the typical lad when it comes to looking for dress or on what to wear. It will take a couple of hours or sometimes a week before I decided on what to wear. Thus, I just immediately bought a red socks from Glassons and I'll just mix and match and work on what I have in my wardrobe. On his special day, I find myself wearing the thrifted supre blue tube top pairing it with my WAGW striped cardi. To finish the look, I put on my blue WAGW belt and the red socks from Glassons and pair it with my Parisan brown boots as he's wearing his brown Lacoste shoes. :)

Thrifted Supre tube top. Glassons Red Socks.
WAGW Cardi and belt.

Whatta think did our style compliment each other?

For more photos, please click here.

Enjoy fellas! :)

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